Mar 12, 2010

PETA's trash-talk is garbage

Sorry, I couldn't help but make as many puns as possible in that headline... you'll understand soon.

My dearest Aunt C e-mailed me this "news" story, and I am still a bit baffeled. Below is the AP article that ran on 9 News in Denver, and here's a longer version running in the Colorado Spring's Gazette.

COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) - The animal rights group PETA is offering to help cash-strapped Colorado Springs by paying to put trash cans back in parks, if the cans carry an anti-meat slogan and a picture of a woman in a lettuce bikini.

The city stopped picking up trash in parks to save money, and all the trash cans have been removed.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told city officials Wednesday they'd pay for new trash cans saying "Meat Trashes the Planet" and "Go Vegan." The cans also have PETA's logo and the lettuce-clad model.

Mayor Lionel Rivera says he'll consider the offer if it PETA also pays to have the trash picked up and hauled to the dump. But he joked that the Colorado Beef Council might demand equal time.
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I don't know why this struck me as such an unusual tactic from PETA; they've been known to do a lot worse. But for some reason the audacity this organization has never ceases to amaze me. Colorado ranks 10th in the nation for beef production. Here's a little more info from the Colorado Beef Council:

Nearly one-third of Colorado's counties are classified as either economically dependent on the cattle industry or having the cattle industry serve an important role in their economies. Cash receipts from the sale of cattle and calves at $2.5 billion represents over half of the gross farm income of $4.9 billion -- Colorado's largest industry.

Colorado Springs might be strapped for cash right now, but jumping in bed with PETA is not the way to fix the problem, especially when you look at what the beef industry brings to the state. I still can't tell from his comments in the article if Mayor Rivera is serious about considering this offer or finds it as laughable as I do. Just in case, send him a note in support of animal agriculture:

Mayor Lionel Rivera
Address: P.O. Box 1575, Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Phone: 719-385-5986


  1. As you always so eloquently say it, Amen!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Laura! -Amanda Nolz

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