Mar 19, 2010

It's official... MBAs all around

Yesterday was a big day at the Certified Angus Beef LLC office. More than 40 employees went through our MBA graduation ceremony with NCBA Director of Communications Daren Williams.

I'll be expecting my pay raise any day now to go along with this new education level. That's not unreasonable, is it? Ok, maybe it is. I might not be getting the pay bump that would come with a real MBA, but my Masters of Beef Advocacy degree is certainly a valuable asset.  
The Masters of Beef Advocacy program is all about empowering agriculturalists to stand up and speak out about our industry. We talked a lot yesterday about the most effective ways to share our story, and how to tackle some of those tough topics the average consumer doesn't understand and most beef producers are a little uncomfortable talking about... like hormones in our beef, PETA and/or the HSUS, antibiotic use, animal welfare and health misconceptions.

Ever been faced with some of these tough questions? Or seen a news article that didn't paint the whole picture about the food we eat? Maybe you didn't think YOU were the right person to correct inaccuracies and share a positive story for the beef industry.

Well, quite simply... you are. If you care about the beef industry and want to be armed with the facts about modern food production, you are who should be talking about beef production. Sign up today to start working toward your MBA by e-mailing Daren at, call him at 303-850-3346 or contact your state beef council. It's free, it's simple and it's not time consuming.

Plus, you know you want one of these...
"Congratulations on completing all six courses in the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) program. You are one of more than 800 students who have completed the MBA online courses and are now ready to enter the “real world” of beef advocacy. Thanks again for your commitment to reclaiming our legacy as original stewards of the land, caretakers of animals, and producers of safe, wholesome, and nutritious beef."


  1. Congratulations, Laura, on your coveted 'MBA' honor!! So very proud of you and another accomplishment!! Hugs, Aunt C.

  2. I love your bump-it! P.S. Congrats to your SECOND MBA.

  3. Thank you, Aunt C.! And thanks for keeping me up-to-date on all the news bites you send!

    Lindsey - you should know there was NO BUMP-IT involved in that photo. Purely DustIt. I'm telling you, that stuff's magic. Now, come be an MBA in Ohio with me. Thank you.