Mar 6, 2010

I'll admit it: I'm a bit of a steak snob

Not that I look down on any other beef. It's all healthy, safe, delicious and nutritious. But once you have had a steak like this, you just know some is better than the rest:
That’s a Certified Angus Beef® brand Prime strip steak. Eating one will change the way you think of steak. For the better. The much, much better.

I swear, I’m not just saying that because I work for them. I ate this whole heaping mess of goodness and then had to be restrained from licking the plate. I’m such a glutton. If I hadn’t been at a work-related event, I would have done the same thing…but not held back on the plate-licking.

My roomie/co-worker/friend caliAGchick invited me to tag along with her to Cantina Laredo’s in Columbus for a beef and tequila tasting, sponsored by CAB and Corzo tequila.

It was a four-course meal, starting with these tasty little shrimp nachos and a cucumber margarita. You think cucumber margarita sounds odd, but it was the crispest, most refreshing little concoction ever.
See all those little snifters behind the plate? Those were for the different kinds of tequila. They were paired with different courses and their flavors and distilling processes were explained as we went through the meal, just like a wine tasting. This completely shocked me, as I always thought tequila had only one flavor: revolting.
That was the first, last and only time I had tried to drink tequila in anything but a girly little margarita or cocktail until earlier this week. It was in Mexico – you can see how impressed I was.

But this was completely different – you could taste the differences in each flavor and how they tasted with the different courses. The shrimp nachos were followed with an enchilada-like soup that was the perfect combination of spicy and smooth. Then the main course, this prized item (again):
 The avocado salsa to the side of the steak was to die for. Seriously.

Then the finale. Mexican apple crepes smothered in a tequila-infused sauce. Oh. my.
 This picture doesn’t really do the crepes justice, but it does get caliAgchick in the picture. Since her mom and aunt consist of nearly 15% of my readership here, I like to include pictures of her to keep them happy.

*Hi caliAgchick’s mom and aunt!*

Oh, wait – did you really think I would let you go with a fun post about tequila with no educational value at all?? Well, you thought wrong.

One of the reps from Corzo shared with us she had stopped eating meat after watching the movie “Food, Inc.” I am respectful of anyone’s personal choices, and if she makes an educated decision to be a vegetarian that is her business. But, it is important for people to hear both sides of a story before jumping to conclusions based on a biased, sometimes factually inaccurate movie. Get the other side of the story here.

Ok, that's really all now. But I just got my wireless Internet hooked up, so look forward to hearing from me a lot more now!


  1. Thanks for the picture of caliAgchick! You're the best blogger I know!!

  2. I'm trackin with the random movie quote