Mar 4, 2010

*All things new*

Remember that time I started a blog with a promise to try something new each week in an attempt to not hate living in Ohio?? Well folks, I’m a lady of my word, and I’ve been tracking my new adventures on a handy sidebar here… scroll down… down... look left…no wait, your other left (also known as the right -- thanks, Meg)  Ah! There it is… “New experiences since starting this blog.”

Sometimes I have to stretch a little to consider some of these entirely new experiences, but I’m working on it. I know you’ve just been dying to read about my adventures in Ohio, so wait no longer. This one will cover both an old new event and a new new event. Look out.

About a month ago, caliAGchick, Bobcat, Buckeye and I drug ourselves out of ZUMBA! class, exuding so much fitness we could have been featured on that You Tube video. We were ravenous and wanted to try something new. caliAGchick mentioned a little Mexican restaurant she had seen on her way to our affectionately located “south side” home (a handy neighborhood to live in if we ever decide to be gangsters). She said it looked like a bit of a dive, but could be fun. Sign. me. up.

We ended up on the other side of the track (literally), right off the freeway and behind the Super 8 back parking lot. A dive, indeed. Welcome to 3 Amigos:
It’s really a treat. The food is amazing and cheap and we’ve managed to make BFF with the waitress, Cheryl. Shocking, I know.

You would assume it is mostly Mexican fare at a place called 3 Amigos, right? It is… until you get to menu item #43: spaghetti. A little above that, #32: frog legs. #51: wings (we just convinced Cheryl to add teriyaki flavor this week. Score!). # 64: fried fish basket. They have a little bit of everything you could ever want at 3 Amigos, and it is all conveniently numbered so you never have to worry about pronouncing Mexican words wrong. Or English words for that matter. They have this, too:

*I can't find this photos right now, so make it up in your head. It's a mounted buffalo head with a Mexican sombrero on it. Image it*

Yes, that is a buffalo with a sombrero on its head. No, he does not have a number. But he is cool.

Our little group of friends became regular diners at 3 Amigos, stopping by after ZUMBA!, grabbing a happy hour drink after work and even hosted our own Groundhog Day celebration. We frequented 3 Amigos on weekdays and daylight hours only, which is apparently why we loved it so much.

Over the weekend, caliAGchick and I saw a whole different side of 3 Amigos. After a super fun dinner with our friend KOD and her wonderful family, we decided to stop by and check out the nightlife at our favorite little dinner spot. Talk about a change of scenery.

For those of you who were lucky enough to go to college in Laramie, Wyo., I would compare the scene to the Cowboy Bar. Not the Cowboy Saloon, the Cowboy Bar. Yes, that Cowboy. The other Cowboy.

I was wearing a cardigan. Needless to say, that wasn’t exactly dress code.
Let me give you a little slice of the conversations we had with a couple nice young men there:

“So, I was stabbed on Tuesday.”
*looks of horror exchanged between AGchick and I*
“But you should see the other guy.”
AGchick: “Let’s leave. Now.”

Cheryl told us later this young man came back the next night and his stab wound was bleeding through his shirt. He picked a fight and was asked to leave.

Another nice man: “Naw, you don’t want to hang out at the UG (another bar in town we had heard of). That’s where all the little college kids go with their school books. Then they go home early and study. It’s real preppy…
Well, maybe you girls would like it. That is a nice cardigan.
But don’t get me wrong… you can still definitely score some good drugs there. If that’s what you’re in to. I’m going to guess not though, huh?”

*more horror*

Monday night over chips and salsa, Cheryl assured us these were not normal occurances. But better safe than sorry -- we'll stick to daylight hours at 3 Amigos from now on, thank you. Don't say we didn't give the Woo-town social scene a chance.


  1. I hate to be rude but, your list is on the right side. You are welcome.

  2. Love the picture of the two of you!

  3. It has been a while since I have visited your blog. It has been a delightful break from work! Hope all is well, come visit me in VA or WV.
    -Allison E