Mar 16, 2010

In honor of St. Patty's Day...

... I painted my walls green!

OK, just joking... I didn't do this for St. Patrick's Day. But I did paint my wall (singular) Forbidden Garden Green last month. It was inspired by the advice of caliAGchick and Bobcat, not tommorrow's celebration of Mr. St. Patrick.

It all started when one of our grounds maintenance guys re-painted some of the walls in the office. He got my cubicle section done in a half an afternoon, which made painting seem like a fun, simple little weekend project. So, that day after work, I headed to Lowes.

I started in my room. My first instinct was, of course, to paint the walls an off-white-with-a-touch-of-warm-pink and then one focused wall of a deep chocolate. Luckily, my dear friends convinced me to overcome this weird OCD obsession with matching colors, and that I needed to add a pop of something new and different. I'm so glad they did.

Isn't it just beautiful?
I couldn't completely abandon my odd devotion to matching items... as soon as the paint was dry, I ran to Kohls to accessorize. caliAGchick had to call and tell me to back away from the home decor. Immediately. But not before I snatched these pillows:
Then I got online (where she couldn't scold me for compulsory shopping) and started ordering new wall decor... simple little things, but enough to add some excitement to my once plain, white-washed surroundings. My favorite find was this:
That's on a backdrop of Toasting Tan, which covered the other three walls. It goes perfectly with the rusty stars on the other wall. It is a lot smaller than I had imaged it, but it still nestles just perfectly between my two closet doors and above my beloved jewelry armoire.

Yes, you heard me. My two closet doors. It's actually four, if you count each of the sliding doors. That's a big deal in my life. And isn't armoire just a great word? It's a great piece of furniture to have, too.
But my most favorite new items are what anchor the freshly green wall above the furniture set from my great-grandma's house (which I will someday write a whole post about, I promise).

I am in love with these stick-on vinyl letterings, and found the perfect one to go over the vanity.
It says, "If you are confident, you are beautiful."

It's just the perfect little reminder that if I feel like a puny little baby, I am sure to look like one, too. And nobody likes that. So toughen up, buttercup.

All that's left to spruce up is the wall next to my bed. It's still a blank canvas of Toasting Tan, waiting for my sister to come visit and spill some creative love on.
So hurry up and come to Ohio already, sister!


  1. I love the wall, the stars and the saying. Great work!

  2. Hey Buttercup,
    I love the color and the pillows. Next time caliAgchick says back away from the home decor, just scream, "NEVAAAAAAHHHH!" Home decor is life's blood! And just so you know, I am very, very jealous of those closets.

  3. I do love the green, especially mixed with the chocolate and pink! Great pillows...and the color reminds me a little bit of the wall in your basement room, so still a 'touch of home'!

  4. Very nice room!!!!! I sell that sticker stuff you love!!! Take a looksy!!! Uppercase Living is actually tougher vinyl and lasts longer than the vinyls you would buy in a store too!!! With your decorating talent (from what I see) you will love our stuff!!!!!!!!
    Love those colors together! Great idea!