Feb 19, 2010

Who's the expert here?

When I was little, going to the doctor's office meant going to Dr. Plate's office. It didn't matter what ailed me, whether it was an ear infection or a tummy ache or a broken bone -- Dr. Plate fixed it all.

Do those kinds of family physicians exist anymore? It seems like there is an expert and a specialist for everything. You go to an Otolaryngologist for ear, nose and throat problems, a Gastroenterologist for your tummy and an orthopedic surgeon for broken lower limbs. Same holds true for everything else in life – if you have a problem, you go to the specialist or expert in that field.

So why is it that the Humane Society of the United States seems to think they deserve to be the experts in agriculture and animal husbandry? When I think of experts in animal husbandry, I think of people like veterinarians, ranchers and animal scientists. Last November, Ohio passed a ballot initiative that would create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to oversee livestock care in the Buckeye State. Ohians spoke – let the experts on animal husbandry make the laws that govern animal husbandry.

But the HSUS can’t leave well enough alone. This extremist animal rights group still thinks they are somehow qualified to be the experts. They’re gathering signatures to put on a referendum that would require the Board to adopt standards they’ve dreamed up, implying they know more about the matter than veterinarians, animal scientists, food safety experts and ranchers. This is just another example of the HSUS showing its true colors and once again pushing for its private agenda.

I still think Dr. Plate is the best doctor to ever grace the Nebraska panhandle where I grew up, and he cured a lot of different things that ailed me as a youngster. But when it comes to something more serious than a tummy ache, I’m sure even he would have looked to a more specialized expert on the matter.

Tell the HSUS to leave animal husbandry decisions up to the experts.Learn more here.

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