Feb 12, 2010

America's Future

This is something I worry about. A lot. Seriously, it keeps me up at night.

Has the society we live in completely lost touch with the ideals of past generations? Will the generation after mine even know about World War II and the Depression, or the significance those events had on the world? How will they, when the generation of my grandparents is gone? Who will tell those stories? Will our society as a whole ever grasp the concept of personal responsibility and stop blaming schools, the government, food and the media for all their problems? In another generation, will anyone understand the importance of physical labor and blue-collared workers? 

Aren't I an odd little 22-year-old? These are the things Stones and I think about in our free time.

These worries have only been intensified by reading the book The Greatest Generation. Sometimes Tom Brokaw gets a little liberal for my taste in the political ideals he draws in the book, but the story-telling is extraordinary. It confirms that there is no doubt in my mind that the generation of my grandparents is, in fact, the greatest generation this society has ever produced. And it makes me wonder – if that generation is now nearly in extinction, what does the future of America hold?

Turns out, Mike Rowe seems to worry about the same thing.

Ok, maybe not the exact same things, but it seems he worries about the general direction our society is heading in – that being a direction where people are scared of working hard and expect a lot of hand outs.

If you don’t know who Mike Rowe is, please crawl out from whatever rock you are living under and become familiar. He is the host of the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs.” He’s a champion for hard workers, blue-collared values and patriotism.

Read his recent blog post, What is in America’s Future? Oh ya, and then watch this video:

Then put my name under it with a big “ditto.” If you didn't love Mike Rowe before today, you will.

PS – Please note: I am not an eternal pessimist and think our country is really headed to ruin. I think we live in the greatest country in the world. And I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky gal. I just worry. A lot. Again, this is why I think I need more hobbies.

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