Feb 4, 2010

San Antonio-ina-minute

Have you ever seen the video "Bible in a Minute?" If you haven't, you should. It's funny. And pretty factual. Ok, it leaves a lot out, but hits the high points.

Anyway, I've been home a week now and am over the thought of really writing about my week in San Antonio. I mean, my social calendar is just SO FULL there is no time to waste in the past. Right. So here is my trip to San Antonio-ina-minute:

Tuesday - set up booth, run all over, wear cute heels, feet hurt. Blisters - bad - walk, crippled. Meet nice old southern man, stop for chat. Hi, I’m from Ohio. Oh, you’re one of those damn Yankees, huh? Quickly take it back, I'm from Wyoming! We weren't a territory then. That’s OK. Stocker conference, hand out manuals, talk to people, Pfizer dinner, SLEEP.

Wednesday - Cattlemen’s College, set up lunch, run around, set up signs, haul banners, buy comfy shoes, still crippled, take pictures, Opening Session – Mike Rowe – surprise! Back to trade show. See long-lost-friend [R}. Yay! 
Peruse trade show, fall in love (pottery), friends with bartender, trade show closed, Durty Nelly’s, early night, SLEEP.

Thursday – Breakfast meetings, lots-o-coffee, trade show, shop – fall. in. love. again (purse). More meetings, more coffee, meeting – coffee – meeting. SLEEP.

Friday – breakfast meeting, committee meeting, trade show, LPC – lunch. Ice cream hunt, shop, trade show, trade show closes – booth packed – booth shipped. Sleep? NO! See [A] and [D]:
{[d], [a], [me], circa Jan. 2010}

PLANE. EARLY. COFFEE. Home. Move roomie in. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

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