Apr 15, 2010

Help! I need help!

I hope you have had the chance to fully digest my last post about beef quality. There is so, so much more I want to share with you on that subject, but today is not the day. I'm waiting to get photos of my experience with carcass fabrication to finish up that re-cap. Trust me, you want photos to accompany the rest of this story -- it will involve hair nets, knives and a fun little story about me being a big girly pansy-pants.

In the meantime, I need your help! I am quite possibly the most indecisive person on earth. I can (and do) spend hours upon hours pondering life's big challenges... like, which flavor of ice cream do I love most (yes, I am that person in line at Coldstone)? Does sandstone-beige or moonstone-beige look better with plum eyeshadow? Which PW Photoshop action is most flattering to Stones? My life is really complex, as you can see.
That said, please, please please help me decide which little calf makes the prettiest picture. I plan to submit a photo to the Beef Daily baby calf photo contest, but just can't make up my mind. Leave a comment below and tell me which one is your favorite. Or tell me you hate them all and I'll go take more. Please and thank you!


  1. This is hilarious! I saw your post enter my mini-feed, and I thought...what could this big decision be? Is she changing jobs? Is she moving? Is she taking a trip? Nope, just entering my photo contest! I love it and you!!!!!

    These are all great photos; I think my favorite is number 3...but they are all super cool. All four are some of my favorites I have seen so far, and I have gotten close to 100 entries already! You have a great talent, girl!

    Amanda Nolz

  2. My Dear Laura, I like your previous comment leaver also thought you were making a major life changin decision (boys, cars, jobs, trips, etc). However as I sit reading your blog once again I find you need help picking a pretty calf. Well lady this is not my strong point so I employed the help of my boys. The big one likes #3 and the little one likes #4. Please remember that one is just my hubby, you know what I am talking about and the other is my two year old. So take their input to heart as they felt it was their duty to protect you during this life changing decision. Good luck!! BTW the big one says you should find some of calves playing, those make great photos. you are a WONDERFUL photographer, true talent.

    Jami Salo

  3. I love the depth of field in No. 1 and the expression is fantastic. I love the angle and background of No. 3, He's a cute little guy. I'm surprised you even took a picture of a Charolais... but as I remember the sire was an angus. (Is that the right one?)
    But overall.... I'd pink No. 1. it's crisp with a clean background.
    P.S. Please don't scare me with "major life decisions" on your blog ever again. :)

  4. Dear sister,

    You are funny and I like #2... even if it is white...


  5. I like the Charolais the best. I hesitate to pick a Charolais but the calf looks like he is about to jump around and that's what people like to see calves doing.

  6. Love #1! The depth of field and expression had me immediately! While the Charolais is cute, I simply cannot pick a white calf over a black one :)
    They're all great, really enjoy looking at your pictures when you post them!

  7. I'll buck the system and choose #4. Maybe not the best photgraphicly, but there's something RIGHT about a new calf lying in a field of grass! I thought #1 looked too much like a feed lot. For what it's worth!


  8. Your pictures look great! Do I detect a hint of PW actions?!? While 1 is well composed, I'm more drawn to 3. The sky is very well exposed and I love the contrast with the grass. The calf may be a little dark but I love his his stance; it looks like he will take off if you move an inch, and that better captures the "essence" of his being. Because calves do have essence ;)

    Can't wait until you make your appearance in WY!


  9. Thanks everyone for helping me make this major life decision. Based on these votes and ones on my FB page, I sent #1 in to the photo contest earlier this week.

    I love having you all to make decisions for me! :)