Apr 21, 2010

A day in the life...

Over the weekend, a friend/co-worker of ours got married. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony and reception on a gorgeous spring day in Woo-town. It was also a nice chance for Bobcat, caliAGchick and I to have a little bit of social interaction, which is an exciting event in our lives.
As we sat at the reception, giggling and telling stories of how we entertain ourselves in Woo-town, someone made the comment, "You girls are so funny. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in your house!"

Well, today is your lucky day. I happen to have photo evidence of a typical conversation between caliAGchick and myself. Welcome to a day in our lives.

caliAgchick: I need iced tea. Let's go to DQ. They have the crushed ice. I love crushed ice.
belle.of.the.blog @ DQ: Hmmm... no, I don't want anything. I'll wait till we get home.

Two seconds later:
belle.of.the.blog: Oh man... I wish I would have got a hot dog. I'm just a little bit hungry.

Five minutes later, at the Wendy's drive through across town:
belle.of.the.blog: This value menu is awesome. I think I'll have one of everything.

A nice young woman at the drive thru handed us our change. We sorted it out between the two of us, and something special caught my eye.

"Ooooooooo, caliAGchick! Look at this penny! What kind of penny is this? What's going on here? I've never seeeeeen a penny like this before!"
"It must be really old. How old is that?"

"I don't know. Old enough to be worth more than a penny, I bet!"
"Look and see!"
"1947?! Wow! That is old. I'm going to take a picture of it and then google it when we get home. Maybe it will be worth lots of money."
"I can't see it very well. I don't think my phone will take a good enough picture to be able to read what all it says."
"Well hold it steadier!"
"I'm tryyyyying! Maybe it will help if it's on a clearer background."
"Belle.of.the.bllllooooog! Get that thing off the top of my iced tea! Do you know how old that thing is?!"
"Yes! Since 1947! That's.... a lot of years old!"

"I know! Think about where that penny has been in that many years! Eeeeewwww! Get it off there -- its diseases could fall through the straw hole!"
"OK, fine. But we have to compare it to a normal penny, too."
"Oooohh! Look at the front, too! The old one is raised up and shaped different!"
"Oh man... this is awesome. We'll need a picture of that, too."
"My phone can't take a good enough picture to tell the different in contour. I need to get this at a different angle. caliAGchick, you're going to need to hold them up so I can take a picture at eye level. This is serious!"

*Throat clears*

Oh jeez. We're still at the first window of the drive-thru, with the window down and five cars behind us. The nice lady who made our change and handed us this pretty penny five minutes ago is staring through the car window.

Is this seriously the conversation I'm hearing right now? These two little dummies are seriously holding up my drive-thru line over a penny? Why are they still talking in my presence?

She didn't have to say anything. We knew what was on her mind from the cocked eyebrow and dumbfound expression.

"caliAGchick! Grab the pennies! We've got to go."

Moral of the story: You do not want to be the person on the other side of the drive-thru window from us, much less a fly on our wall. True life. Have we convinced you to come visit us in Ohio yet???   


  1. And I thought I wanted to be 20 something again. Thanks for reminding me what it was REALLY like!

  2. Kathy and Jayne, I'm glad you ladies got a little laugh out of our day. We're a little silly sometime, but as you know, Kathy, it takes some effort to entertain yourself in Woo-town :).