Apr 2, 2010

An Easter suprise

Everyone in the office left early today, skipping out the door to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather, on their way to enjoy a nice little family holiday weekend. Well, everyone except me (always soooo dramatic, I know).

Literally, there were three of us left on our side of the office. So we cranked up our music and owned the west side (of the office). It was actually pretty nice and encouraged a lot of productivity. However, productivity didn't cure me of being a bit of a baby about the upcoming Easter weekend. This will be the first holiday I have ever spent away from home or without my family.

Going to college two hours from home apparently spoils a girl. I could always use bad roads on the summit as an excuse to stay in L-town and party. Yet, I could always make it back to Kimball County when I wanted to. Today, I wanted to.

Luckily, my parents haven't forgotten their youngest daughter, stranded out here in the east. As I pulled into my parking lot for lunch, I noticed a little box sitting on my doorsteps, glistening in the sunshine. Well, the packing tape was glistening. Cardboard has a hard time being shiny and pretty. 

Nonetheless, I snatched it up and ran into my house. I knew my day's awesome level was about to increase. I tore open the box, and this popped out: 
Then I pulled this out:
ALLLLLLL of these things came out of that one little bag-in-a-box. I love the fun little things my mom finds to fill gift bags with. I realllly love sticky notes. Come visit my cubicle in a week, and you will find an explosion of star-shaped sticky notes and pink striped binder clips.   
And I love, love, love candy-flavored jelly beans. I'm pretty sure these are Jolly Rancher flavored. They are almost gone.
These markers are sure to make an interesting little craft project. I'm a little worried about what caliAGchick might come home to after this weekend... Whatever impressive artwork I create on our windows will surely be awesome in my mind, but she might have other opinions.
Stones was pleased with the gift basket, too. Look how pleased he is:
That is his happy face.  


  1. If that's Stone's happy face, I'd like to see his disinterested face!

  2. <3 from Lekros on Easter. I'm sad my card didn't justify a blog! lol.

  3. Don't eat all of the jelly beans...the card said Laura AND Sara!