Jun 12, 2010

Take me out the baaallllgame...

Question: What is the most boring thing in the world to watch on TV?

Fact: Baseball is the most boring thing in the world to watch on TV.

But I don't have TV. Therefore, baseball gets to remain an idylic and nostalgic American pastime in my mind and is spared descriptions of mind-numbing boredom. Yes!

Baseball also has this going for it:
Baseball parks are one of the few places in the world that have food comparable to truck stops. Ballparks have the advantage of also serving beer. Mathematically, this means ballpark food > truck stop food. And you know how I feel about truck stop food.     

CAB took us out for an evening at the Akron Aeros ballpark last night. And by "us," I mean any of our 100+ employees who were interested in bringing their family to a AAA baseball game for free, nacho-cheese-sauce-and-jalapeno-smothered-hot dog included. How awesome is that?! 

What with the Americana nostalgia, truck stop-style hot dogs and cold beer, it was a perfect summer night with great friends.
I even learned a very valuable life lesson from KOD after taking this picture with Bobcat:
ME: I hate taking pictures so close to the camera. I always feel like my face is trying to back away from the camera so much that it ends up looking like my chins are literally attached to my chest and I don't have a neck.  

KOD: Tyra has to tell models to avoid that all the time. I learned this on America's Next Top model. You're suppose to put your shoulders back, keep your chin up and try to look intrigued by the camera all the time. You have to try to let your face stand out from your body.

*KOD stretches her neck out like a scared/curious giraffe.*
*Belle of the Blog follows suit*

ME: Oh, ya. I can totally see how that's flattering. So that's what I've been missing without cable all this time... 

KOD: Ya, who says Tyra doesn't have anything important to share with the American public?

ME: Well, usually I do. But I guess I'm wrong. I mean, we're clearly on our way to being America's Next Top Model with technique like this: 
Clearly. Thanks, Tyra.

You all can now look forward to a new, hotter, more photogenic Belle of the Blog from this point forward... or a weird, head-floating-away-from-my-body-chubby-giraffe-look. Whatever.
KOD pulls it off so much better than me. I guess that's the benefit of seeing Tyra's examples first hand.

Oh, wait... there's a baseball game going on?
Yes, there was. And we actually did pay attention to it. We did the wave, we high-fived, we danced along to cheesy music and we jeered at one of our co-workers for not making a dive for a fly ball that landed three rows in front of him.

To top it all off, there were fireworks.
I like fireworks. A lot. I squeal like a little baby kid and oooooh and ahhhhhh and clap and want to high-five people. So many awesome things all at once.

I swear, someday I'll grow up all the way. But not today. And certainly not until after the 4th of July. OK, fine. Maybe never. Here's to summa, summa, summatime!


  1. Ms Laura,
    I have to admit, this is the first time I have read your blog--IT ROCKS! I swear I have read them all, so now I am all caught up :) You're a terrific writer--especially love the penny story at Wendy's...
    Glad you're making it in OHIO!

  2. You make a triple A ballgame sound like a lot of fun. And the Tyra trick is totally working for you. Love the fireworks picture!

  3. Nacho cheeeessseeee....pure joy.

  4. Just in case you are wondering what this blog looks like in a word cloud....