Jun 24, 2010

A feedlot and the fitness buff

I am not a fitness buff. No amount of ZUMBA! will ever make me a fitness buff. No amount of trailing my marathon-running sister on a bike will ever make me a fitness buff. And taking a look at my cooking habits guarantees I never will be.

Ryan Andrews, on the other hand, has an MBA in fitness. My kind of MBA and an actual master's degree. He was a nationally-ranked body builder for five years and has more health/nutrition/exercise certifications than I have red high heels.

Seriously, take a look on my closet floor -- it's red, shiny and ridiculous.

Ryan is also a vegetarian.

What?! How?! Why?! All that delicious, lean protein in one little 3 oz. serving, and he doesn't eat any of it?! But that doesn't mean he bashes the system... any more. Ryan recently visited a Kansas feedlot. His account of what he saw and learned is such a great story.

No, he didn't instantly convert to meatitarianism... if that's even something a person can convert to. But his perspective was certainly changed and broadened. Read all about it here.    

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