Jan 16, 2010

Something to fill the gaps...

I always say I need a hobby.

Ever since I graduated college last May, I've felt like there is an awful lot of extra "space" in my life. Certainly not literal space, since I am the world's worse pack-rat. But "space," as in, if my life were a pie chart, there would be a big section of "work," then a healthy slice of "talk on the phone to friends from home," a sliver of "Netflix," a VERY small morsel of "social interaction" (when my co-workers hang out with me or friends from home visit), and then a great big chunk that seems empty, save sitting on the couch with Stones.

I attribute that big empty spot in my pie chart to moving. After graduating college, I moved to Manhattan, Kansas for my job. Six months later, I moved to Ohio for my job. Needless to say, I've been a bit unsettled lately. I spend a lot of time in my pajamas, wandering around my house, wasting time until the next day comes around. This is not like me at all. And I don't think it's healthy.

So, I'm out to find a hobby. I think "hobby" is probably not the proper descriptor for what I'm looking for, but it's all I can think of. I need a fulfiller. An activity that inspires me. Something that does not pertain directly to my job. Something that makes me change out of my pajamas on the weekends.

I need to be held accountable for giving finding that "something" an honest attempt. Hence the blog. Surely there are cyber-police out there who will call me out if I do not follow up on something I told the cyber world I would do, right? Right.

So, this is what the cyber police of blogging shall keep me accountable for: Each week of this new year, I will force myself to experience or try something new. I have a horrible habit of hating things that are "new." (With the exception of new merchandise, of course, which is something I'm also suppose to be cutting back on.) I like to stay in my house, in my pajamas, with my cat. That's easy. Moving to a new place a thousand miles from home is hard. Making new friends in a new place is even harder. Finding things that I enjoy and that fulfill me in a new place is nearly impossible.

So, I'll trail through all the things I know I love -- as described in the oh-so-thoughtful "about me" section -- and some things I don't know about until I find the perfect combination of new and old loves that will complete my "life pie chart." You can come. It will be fun. And hopefully, at the end, there will be real pie. Lots of it.

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