Aug 25, 2010

A sad farewell...

Goodbye, dear Belle of the Blog! Farewell, sweet followers and avid readers! So long, bloggerverse... I'm leaving you for Twitter. Really, it's not you... It's me. And Twitter.

*weeping and gnashing of teeth!*

Wait... Is there even anybody out there?

Mom? CaliAgChick?? CaliAgChick's mom??? Aunt Jayne or Aunt Carolyn????

OK, the gig's up. I was going to announce my official resignation from blogging, but I'm pretty sure I've been absent for so long that nobody would gasp or be shocked or swoon or weep and gnash their grinners. It's far more likely I would get a "Frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn," after the way I've led you all on and treated you so poorly.

And let's be honest... I'm much too Scarlet-like to do anything that doesn't cause at least a little sensation. I refuse to let Belle of the Blog die quietly and be gone with the wind, so I'm here to woo you back, dear followers.

Back in reality... I did have to say a tearful goodbye this week.

CaliAgChick has left me. For her fiancé. I think he is the only one who is really happy about this arrangement. I'm sad, she's sad, her empty cubicle is sad:
Oh wait... Maybe it's just me and the cubicle. She's totally faking it! That dirty Reb couldn't wait to move South!
And OK, I'll admit it.... as sad as I am to lose such a fantastic roomie and Ohio friend, I'm happy she got to migrate back to the western side of the Mississippi and will finally get to be with Big T. 

Aren't I mature and selfless?

We diligently hauled all her stuff down the stairs and out the door last Friday night. It was about a bajillion degrees with 473% humidity and no sunshine that fine Ohio evening. A great reminder of why I was truly happy for her escape... for her sake. Although I think she will miss having a personal poperatzzi.
And so, with the little Tahoe packed with love and care, she shut the door and left me wondering; without my roomie/walking buddy/patio-partying friend, "What is there that matters?!"
 Then hope spreads across my face.... Stones! I'll go see Stones and I'll think of some way to get a roomie back!
He has already moved into his new digs in CaliAgChick's old room. Together, we'll think of something...some way to survive in Ohio without her. After all, tomorrow is another day

...well, and she'll be back to visit in a couple weeks. And I'll see her next week in California. I know, I know... always with the drama here...


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  2. Hurray! Finally! I'm so happy to see a new post from you! Please, please, please don't give up the blog. Twitter just doesn't allow enough characters for all your goodness. Thanks for the pictures, also. How did that girl see out of her back window?!

  3. I agree, stick with both! Always love your stories, and I know you'll come up with more. And hey, Mr Lonely, might be a good friend :)

  4. You know I missed your blogs, I wrote and asked you about them last week! Good luck finding a new roomie- and bon voyage to Sarah!

  5. My world is round again!!

  6. Don't leave the blog world...I don't play with twitter and I love your writing :)

  7. Still checking every day for a new posting from you. I refuse to give up hope!